Massage Therapy

My Philosophy is that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when we give it what it needs. Its all encompassing: good food, exercise and rest, as well as our mental and spiritual health. And we are all energy. We cannot work on the physical body without interacting on the energetic level, and when we interact energetically it affects the physical body.
When we are relaxed our body can heal. My aim is to encourage your body to relax and facilitate healing.
Even when we’re doing EVERYTHING “right”, we can sometimes have habits that are unknowingly putting our bodies in a poor position, and can lead to muscles that are over or under used, that can cause pain, and even can lead to misalignment.
I’ve been trained in many massage therapy modalities, both with Eastern and Western philosophies.  I incorporate them in my massage practice. I specialize in arms, shoulders and necks. But I am able to help the entire body.
Every therapist has a different touch and application. We are not cookie cutters. I encourage everyone to find a therapist that works for them, and then make regular appointments. This works both ways. You get the care when you need it because you’ve reserved your spot, and your Therapist has regular clients that make it possible for them to continue in their practice.

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